Ukraine IT

Ukrainian IT sector is one of the most promising sectors in the country. Thousands of Ukrainians have skills and abilities equal or even better than in the people of the most developed regions in the world. We bring together those experienced professionals and prominent beginners to work on projects of different scales. If you want to take a part in this, feel free to write to us.

Investment in Ukraine

Do you want to do business in Ukraine? After analyzing your requirements we come up with a tailored business plan that suits your purposes. Here are fields where we can offer your investment consultancy: Startup Projects, Agriculture, IT Sector, Property, Factory & Production. You are most welcomed to contact us for all your investment related questions.

Production Ukraine

Video production is what we do. Our vision is your vision. So we have a single mission: to adapt ourselves to your goals and ambitions. We visualize your dreams. We always strive to act as an integral part of those who prefer us. Because we are sure that teamwork and collective imagination is of paramount importance in videos. Contact us for all your promo videos.

Real Estate Ukraine

We help with the sale of any real estate in Kyiv and the region. We accompany the whole process from start to finish. Our main condition is to search for real estate for various tasks. We help with the search for apartments, houses and other types of residential real estate.

Cars Ukraine

A company which provides safe and fast way to travel in Kyiv. Rent a car with a driver to navigate through the unknown city!

Luxium Interiors

Our philosophy is a belief that a home should be a personal expression of your soul. It should represent the way you want to live, the ideas that define your tastes, perspectives, and connections to the world.